Cinna-Bomb E Liquid

Our best development yet and our top seller of all time! Try the infamous Cinna-Bomb eJuice only available from us here at VaporBomb. This hot cinnamon candy is sure to leave an explotion of atomic flavor with a cooling aftertaste that's sure to satisfy.

On 9/4/17 we made a slight change to this flavor by replacing a small amount of Ethyl Alcohol with a small amount of Propylene Glycol. We did this to lower the flash point of the base ingredient in order to comply with FAA shipping regulations.

In the flavor industry changing these two ingredients is not suppose to change flavor profile. That being said, some of our long term vapers of this flavor say they did notice a big change in flavor while others said they did not notice any change.

To our customers that order this product: We suggest placing a small order to try this new variation as we will not be able to issue refunds or exchanges on this product.

*This flavor does contain some food-grade oils and may seperate if the chosen mix is high in Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Please remember to shake the bottle well!

**DISCLAIMER: Cinnamon-based flavors should only be used and stored in food-grade containers as they have been known to cause damage to certain plastics. Please ensure that you are using food-grade materials.. VaporBomb will not be held responsible for any damage that may have been caused by the use of this product.

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