About Us

Our story starts in 2009 when Jerry, one of our owners, purchased an e cigarette and some e liquid from a company in China. He received his e cigarette but no e liquid. After finding many people online in the same situation, some even waiting months for their e liquid Jerry decided to make his own e liquid. Following much research and consultations Jerry introduced the idea of marketing the new product to his long time friend and past business partner Harry, and VaporBomb.com was born. They did their best to solve the problems that were inherent to over seas e liquid. The first problem that needed solving was shipping time. This was done by shipping all orders the next business day after purchase. The next issue was freshness. To put it simply nicotine destroys flavor over time so we do not premix any e liquid. Every bottle is custom mixed after the customer orders it. This is no small feat considering we ship next business day. These policies are still in effect and we still proudly serve many of our original customers from 2010.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story.

The team at VaporBomb.com