7-Leaf Tobacco E Liquid 30ml

7-Leaf Tobacco E Liquid 30ml

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7 Leaf Tobacco E Liquid, To create it, we have reviewed analytic and bibliographical data related to 7 tobacco. The 7 Leaf Tobacco include qualities such as: fire cured, bright leaf, burly, shade, perique, latakia, and oriental.

With a smell of such that delivers a nice, dry, and radiant note with a light undertone of dried leaves, woody nuances, and a spicy touch.

7 Leaf Tobacco E Liquid when vaped keeps its promises. It offers a delicate and light taste for a pleasant vaping experience. The 7 Leaf Tobacco is our new proposal for demanding vapers. The 7 Leaf Tobacco E Liquid Flavor is perfect for the new vape transitioning from a cigarette to a e-cigarette.

This 7 Leaf Tobacco E Liquid Flavor is perfect as an all day vape or mixed with another tobacco flavor.


Unlike other E Liquid vendors, we offer our customers the ability to choose not only the amount of nicotine in their E Liquid - but also the actual mixture of the juice itself! Is your vape too rough? Try increasing the amount of VG (Vegetable Glycerin). Not enough "throat hit"? Order your E Liquid with more PG (Propylene Glycol).


You can rest assured knowing that none of our E Liquids are pre-mixed. We only mix our E Liquids fresh from the moment you place your order . We here at VaporBomb strive to make you the best, USA-Made E Liquid - shipped across the globe.

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